French and Swedish School on Energy Materials


This advanced school on X-rays and Neutrons techniques for the study of functional materials for energy is jointly organized by Swedish and French universities and research organisms.


Materials for the production, processing, storage or transportation of energy are essential components for current societal challenges. Knowledge of structural organization and dynamics at the atomic scale is therefore an essential prerequisite for the study of these materials, and is based, not exclusively but largely, on the use of short-wave radiation, neutrons or X-rays. Thus, an important aspect of the proposed school is to emphasize the complementarity between similar techniques based on one or the other of the radiations, too often ignored.


The program is divided into 3 parts spread over the 5 days:


-Basic techniques, theoretical description of the possibilities offered by X-rays and neutrons and their complementarity,

-Scientific examples chosen for their relevance to the scientific theme (fuel cells, batteries, photovoltaic...)

-Practical aspects: visit of the MAX-IV synchrotron and the ESS construction site ; collaborative project: writing of an experience proposal in the form of a French-Nordic collaborative project ( 2 or 3 participants). A price will acknowledge the best project in funding visits or samples/materials for the winning group.


Registration period is over !


Thank's to all the candidates, and felicitation to those who will participate. Let's meet in Lund soon.



More details are given in the Planning part.

Let's meet in Lund !